Cordless stick vacuums have become a convenient alternative to traditional corded upright vacuum cleaners. They have the advantage of being lightweight and cord-free so you can take your vacuum anywhere you want to go. Tineco is quickly becoming one of the best-known manufacturers in this product category and their A11 Hero+ is one of their most popular models.

It’s a cordless stick vacuum cleaner with great battery life and powerful suction capacity at 450 watts. In our reviews we found it to be one of the lowest priced on Amazon compared to other products with similar features.  

At Spotless Mag we’ve reviewed a lot of these types of vacuum cleaners and we find they’re great for laminate, hardwood, and areas with short carpet. We’ll share our thoughts on what makes the A11 Hero+ standout in our review below. 

Vacuum Type – A11 Hero+

The A11 Hero is a powerful cordless stick vacuum and at just 5.5 pounds it’s lightweight as well. With 450 watts of suction, it’s a considerable upgrade on the A10 and that makes it more effective on carpet. It doesn’t have the suction power of most traditional corded vacuums because they take advantage of the extra wattage available from plugging in, but it provides enough suction for most household jobs.


The A11’s User-Friendly Design

The A11 has many of the same user-friendly design features of the A10 we’ve also reviewed here. It’s a slim, lightweight product that doesn’t place a lot of wear and tear on the body. 

The base weight of the model in our Tineco A11 review was 5.5 pounds, although depending on which attachment you’re using that may vary a little, but not by much. With its stick design that makes it ideal for cleaning drapes and upholstery and you don’t have to worry about a cord getting in the way either.

Another key feature of this vacuum is that it’s equipped with LED headlights. This doesn’t give the Tineco A11 an advantage vs the A10, but it is a feature that many of its direct competitors such as Dyson do not offer on similar models. 

The basic operation of the A11 is similar to other lightweight stick vacuum cleaners. In our reviews of these products, we’ve found that many of them have a simple finger trigger operated on/off feature and you can lock it in place so you don’t have to hold the trigger the whole time. On the A11 you can switch to Max mode for extra suction by activating the button on top of the motor. There isn’t a large learning curve with this machine. 

Performance Rating of the A11 Hero+

Powerful Suction – When they upgraded the wattage in the A11 to 450 from 350 in the Tineco A10 it made a noticeable difference. This model is better at cleaning up dirt from carpet and it does well in corners as well. It also comes standard with the motor powered floor brush like the A10 and this has both ¼ inch soft bristles for hardwood and 5/6 inch hard bristles for tackling carpet. 


Pet Hair and Large Particles – In our review, the extra suction provided by the 450 watt motor of the Tineco A11 vacuum, made it easier to clean up large particles such as pet hair. The larger 0.6-liter dustbin capacity also means you don’t have to empty it out as often, which is a nice bonus for one of the best-priced stick vacuum cleaners on Amazon in 2020.

HEPA Filter System – The line of Tineco stick vacuum cleaners all include HEPA filtration systems, which is good news for homeowners. These filters are the best on the market for dealing with allergens and other unwanted particles in the air we breathe. They’re capable of capturing as much as 99.9 percent of all particles that pass through them. 

Washable Filters – The Tineco A11 vacuum comes with a rinse-free filter cleaning tool that allows you to clean the HEPA filter after several uses without having to replace it. The manufacturer does recommend replacing the filter after every month or two, although you can easily stretch this out to 3 or 4 months depending on how frequently you use the machine.

Rugged and Durable Design of the Tineco A11 Hero+

When we review a product at Spotless Mag, one thing we always look at is the durability of its design. The Tineco A11 Hero+ didn’t disappoint in this category either. It’s rugged for a slim cordless vacuum cleaner that can handle a bit of rough use. It’s made from a combination of injection-molded plastic and aluminum that will last through several years of use. 

Comparing the A11 Hero+ vs the A11 Master vs the A11 Master+

Like the A10 model, Tineco also offers the A11 in a few different variations. In comparing the A11 Hero+ vs the A11 Master and the A11 Master+ we found it was similar in most areas. The Tineco A11 Master cordless stick vacuum cleaner does seem to do a slightly better job of holding a charge at 60 minutes compared to 50 minutes for the A11 Hero+, but that probably won’t be a major factor for most users.

The A11 Master, however, does have a couple of more significant advantages. It comes equipped with a soft dusting brush attachment and a LED soft roller power brush. These added accessories do give you a lot of great cleaning options making the A11 Master+ cordless worth the upgrade. In our comparison review below you can see the difference between these vacuum cleaner models:

SpecsTineco A11 Hero+Tineco A11 MasterTineco A11 Master+
Battery Life50 mins60 mins50 mins
Batteries Included222
Motor Power450 W450 W450 W
LED Multi-Task Power BrushYesYesYes
Mini Power Brush Crevice ToolYesYesYes
Rinse-Free Filter Cleaning ToolYesYesYes
Soft Dusting BrushNoNoYes
Wall Mounted Charging DockYesNoYes
LED Soft Roller Power BrushNoYesYes
Weight5.5 lbs5.5 lbs5.5 lbs
Dustbin Capacity0.6 liters0.6 liters0.6 liters

Comparing the Tineco A11 vs the Dyson V8 Absolute vs the Dyson V10 Absolute

We thought it would also be a good idea to look at how the Tineco A11 compared to the Dyson V8 Absolute and the Dyson V10 Absolute. We reviewed a number of different criteria and when looking at the Tineco A11 vs Dyson V10 it did quite well. It has a longer battery life and a greater dustbin capacity. The battery is also easily detachable, which is nice if you want to have a secondary battery on standby just in case.

When comparing the Tineco A11 vs Dyson V10 there are fewer advantages and the V10 actually leads in a number of categories. The V10 has 10 minutes more battery life on average per charge and its dustbin capacity is larger. It’s also a bit quieter, although the difference isn’t much. The Tineco A11 is more affordable and it also has the advantage of providing LED lights to guide your way as you clean. Below we chart the differences between the models:

SpecsTineco A11Dyson V8Dyson V10
Battery Life50 mins40 mins60 mins
Dustbin Capacity0.6 liters0.53 liters0.77
Detachable BatteryYesNoNo
Weight5.5 lbs5.73 lbs6.68 lbs
Noise Level80 dB72 dB75 dB
LED LightsYesNoNo
Charging Time200 mins300 mins210 minutes

Comparing the Tineco A11 vs the Tineco A10

The main difference between the Tineco A10 and the Tineco A11 is that the Tineco A10 only has one battery powering it. That means you’re limited to about 25 minutes of battery life per charge compared to the A11 which runs for 50 minutes or more. The dust collection bin on the A10 is smaller as well at 0.4 liters instead of the 0.6 liters included with the A11. For a full breakdown of the features and benefits of the A10 check out our full Tineco A10 review here.

Tineco A11+ Pros & Cons

  • 450 Watt suction
  • 5.55 pounds
  • 50-minute battery life
  • LED Headlights
  • HEPA filter
  • 2-year parts warranty
  • 5-year motor warranty
  • Takes 200 mins to charge after each use
  • Noisier than comparable Dyson vacuums
  • 0.6-liter dustbin capacity

Our Review Verdict

In our reviews, we try to look at a vacuum from every angle and the Tineco A11 Hero+ came through our examination well in all categories. It has double the battery life of the A10 and that means you should have no trouble getting through most cleaning tasks before it needs a charge. This is a great tool for any household.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the A11 Hero+ and the Tineco A11 Master cordless model?

The Tineco A11 Master cordless vacuum cleaner 450w digital motor model offers about 10 minutes more usage time on a single charge at 60 minutes.

What happens if you leave the battery plugged in after it’s finished charging?

There’s no problem with leaving the unit plugged in after it’s finished charging. The charger will automatically shut off when the battery’s full.

Do you have to hold the trigger while you use the A11 Hero+?

No, there is a trigger lock mechanism that allows you to use the vacuum without holding the trigger the whole time.

Can I use my Tineco A11 Hero+ before it’s finished charging fully?

Yes, you can use the A11 Hero+ after a partial charge without damaging the battery.

Can I clean the filter or do I have to replace it when it’s dirty?

The filter can be cleaned using the rinse-free cleaning tool included with the A11 Hero+, but it will have to be replaced eventually.

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