Shark has a range of vacuums to suit any need, but in our reviews, the Apex DuoClean AZ1002 Lift-Away vacuum cleaner is the best upright vacuum cleaner in their product line.

This machine offers 3 different cleaning modes so that you can use it wherever you need it and it can clean almost anything you put in front of it. It’s also one of the best priced upright vacuum cleaners on Amazon.

It has some powerful features such as a DuoClean brush system and Zero-M hair cleaning technology that makes it useful in a variety of situations. As the name suggests, you can also Lift-Away the canister when you need to use the vacuum for stairs or in tight spaces. Our full Shark AZ1002 review below looks at all of these features as well as others in detail.

Evaluation and Overview of the Shark Apex AZ1002

The Shark Apex AZ1002 retains the versatility of some of Shark’s other models. Like the Shark NV502 Vacuum Review which we’ve also covered at Spotless Mag, it’s a versatile machine that can be used in 3 different modes. The canister detaches so that you can extend the reach of the motorized brush under furniture and other objects. You can also remove it completely from the base and use it with the wand to easily tackle stairs. 

With the DuoClean brush that comes standard on the AZ1002, it gives carpets a deeper clean than would otherwise be possible. It also gives hard surfaces a nice polished look after you’re finished cleaning. With the 1350 watts that this vacuum uses for suction as it cleans, it will leave any surface it comes in contact with looking clean and new.


Technical Specs

Product NameApex AZ1002
Dimensions11.2 x 12.2 x 46
Weight 16 pounds
Dustbin Capacity1.5 quarts
FeaturesDuoClean brush,
Zero-M technology,
Lift-Away canister,
LED Headlights,
Complete Seal HEPA filter,
surface suction control switch,
crevice tool,
pet multi-tool

The AZ1002’s Versatile Design

We’ve already briefly reviewed the DuoClean technology that makes the AZ1002 a great vacuum cleaner, but there are a couple of other advantages this feature provides. It allows the machine to operate effectively on all surfaces. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using it on low-pile, medium-pile or hard surfaces – you get the same great results each time.  There’s a quick switch on the handle that prepares it for use on different surfaces by changing the suction and speeding up or slowing down the brush roll.

The swivel head which is one of our favorite features of Shark products that we’ve reviewed makes it easy to work around and under obstacles. You have to be sure to lock it back in place when you’re finished vacuuming though. 

The AZ1002 also has a smaller footprint than other upright vacuums at 11.2 x 12.2 making it ideal for use in every situation. This model is a bit on the heavy side though, at 16 pounds with everything attached. It is much lighter when you lift the canister away from the main body. 

In our reviews, we found that it’s this ability to lift the canister off the body that makes this such a versatile vacuum. Cleaning stairs with the canister attached is awkward, but when you remove it and hold it in one hand cleaning stairs is a breeze.

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Rating the Performance of the Shark AZ1002

Power and Suction – If you search for the Shark Apex Az1002 review on Amazon you’ll find largely positive comments. At 1350 watts the suction power on the AZ1002 is considerably more than other Shark products like the NV251 and the NV803 which both operate at 1150 watts.  You can also control the level of suction based on the surface you’re cleaning by flipping the surface switch located on the handle.

Pet Hair and Zero-M technology – Of the many Pet Hair Vacuums that we’ve reviewed at Spotless Mag, there aren’t many that can match the Shark AZ1002 with Zero-M anti-hair wrap technology and DuoClean when it comes to removing pet hair from any surface. This machine uses the DuoClean brush to easily pick up pet hair and the Zero-M technology means you don’t have to worry about the pet hair wrapping around the brush –it removes it automatically as you go.


HEPA Filter and Complete Seal technology – The Shark Apex AZ1002 comes with a HEPA filter that removes 99.9% of allergens and dust from the air. While it isn’t the only upright vacuum with this feature, what makes it standout is Shark’s Complete Seal Technology. When it removes these contaminants from the room they don’t leak back out into the air as you vacuum – they remain sealed inside the 1.5-quart dust cup.

DuoClean – It’s hard not to avoid mentioning the AZ1002’s DuoClean technology over and over again in this review. This is one of the best features of this machine and the reason why it’s such an effective cleaning tool. The Duoclean brush has a soft roller at the front and a standard brush roller that picks up everything in its path.


Noise Reduction technology – For a powerful vacuum cleaner, the Shark Apex AZ1002 is also one of the quietest we’ve found in our reviews. All corded vacuums make enough noise to make watching TV or listening to music more difficult, but this model isn’t as disruptive as many of its competitors.

The AZ1002 is Rugged and Durable

Shark has revamped many of the design features of their vacuums for 2020. The hose used on the AZ1002 is both more flexible and more durable than the ones you’ll find on older models. In our review, we also found that the wheels on the AZ1002 were new and improved from older models – they now use a durable rubber design that will last. 

The main body and canister of the vacuum are made from durable plastic and the brushes are designed to wear well as well. Shark always backs up its products with great warranties and the Apex AZ1002 is no different. It comes with a limited 5-year warranty – that’s exceptional for one of the best-priced premium vacuum cleaners available on Amazon.

Shark AZ1002 Pros & Cons

  • Powerful and adjustable suction
  • 3 different cleaning modes
  • DuoClean technology
  • Zero-M technology
  • Heavy at 16 pounds
  • Somewhat awkward to handle

SpotlessMag Review Verdict

In our Shark Apex DuoClean AZ1002 review, we were impressed with its range of features and powerful capabilities. The ability to adjust the suction power based on the surface you’re cleaning is a great feature and the DuoClean brush ensures no matter what type of surface you’re cleaning the AZ1002 always does a good job.

Perhaps our favorite feature on this vacuum though is the Zero-M technology that prevents pet hair from wrapping around the brush. Shark may not have thought of everything when designing this cleaner, but they’ve thought of most things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Apex AZ1002 work well on all surfaces?

Thanks to the DuoClean brush system and adjustable suction power the Apex AZ1002 effectively cleans any surface it comes in contact with.

Do you have to change the filter often on the Shark AZ1002?

The HEPA filter with Complete Seal technology included with the Shark AZ1002 needs to be replaced every 3 to 6 months.

Is the AZ1002 easy to use on stairs?

The Lift-Away canister on the AZ1002 makes cleaning stairs easy.

Is the Shark Apex AZ1002 good for cleaning pet hair?

Thanks to the Zero-M anti-hair wrap technology included in the Shark Apex Az1002, it’s one of the best vacuums on the market in 2020 for cleaning pet hair.

Does the AZ1002 come with a warranty?

Yes, the AZ1002 comes with a standard 5-year limited warranty.

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