How To Clean Blood Out Of Carpet (Fresh & Dried Best Ways & Tips)

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Bloodstains are notorious for being difficult to remove from carpets. Even in small quantities, blood can be a nightmare to get out of carpets. One of the main reasons for this is because of the hemoglobin in the blood that causes it to bind to the carpet faster.

The quicker you can remove fresh blood from your carpet the better. Below, you can discover the best methods for removing both fresh blood and dried blood from carpets.

Easy Steps To Clean Fresh Blood


The first thing you should do when you notice a fresh bloodstain is to grab a dry cloth or paper towel. Ideally, it would be best to use a cloth as it’s more effective at absorbing the blood from your carpet.

Use a blotting motion starting from the edges of the stain and gradually soak up the blood until you reach the middle. You mustn’t rub the blood stain as it can lead to the carpet becoming even more stained than before.

Wet the Stained Area

Once you’ve properly blotted the bloodstain, use a spray bottle filled with cold water to dampen the area. Leave the cold water to soak into the area for a couple of minutes and make sure that you only use enough water to make the stain damp and not soaking wet.

Using cold water on blood stains is imperative because warm or hot water can cause the bloodstain to be absorbed deeper into your carpet where it can be incredibly difficult to remove.

When you’ve left the cold water to soak into the stain for a couple of minutes, use a dry cloth or paper towel to blot the area again. You can continue to blot and spray the bloodstain over and over until it’s completely gone.

Salt & Cold Water Mixture

If you’ve tried the blotting and cold water methods above with no success, your next best bet would be to use salt. Combine cold water and salt and apply the paste onto the blood stain for 1-2 minutes.

Use a clean cloth to then remove the salt and cold water mixture in a blotting motion. You’ll know if the stain is coming out if you see blood on the cloth.

You’ll want to be cautious when using this method because leaving salt on carpets for too long can lead to damage. Therefore, we recommend that you vacuum the carpet once the stain has been removed. You can check out our cordless vacuums review to learn more about the different features so that you can compare and pick the one that’s best for you. 

Liquid Detergent 

Depending on how bad the stain is, you may not find success with the above two methods, in which case, liquid detergent should be next on your list to remove blood from your carpet.

Add a couple of tablespoons of dish soap to a cup filled with cold water and mix the solution. Make sure that the soap doesn’t contain bleach or lanolin as they can be damaging to carpets. Dip a cloth into the solution and dab it onto the bloodstain. Next, fill a spray bottle with cold water and spray onto the stain to clean it.

Drying & Restoring the Carpet

After you’ve used the above method on fresh bloodstains, you should have been able to successfully remove it without further damaging your carpet. When the stain has been removed, you’ll want to properly dry the area to prevent mold and mildew from accumulating.

You can do this by simply setting up a fan pointed to the damp area and leaving it for 2 hours or so. If there’s excess dampness on top of the carpet, you can use a towel or paper towels with something on top to keep the pressure on the area and extract the moisture.

At this stage, the bloodstain has been removed and you’ve dried the carpet. The final step is to restore the area as all the blotting motions can lead to the fibers going a little out of shape. This can be achieved by vacuuming over the area so that the fibers stand up properly like before.

Ways To Get Rid Of Dried Blood From Carpets

Scraping Method

Getting rid of dry blood from carpets will require different techniques with the first one involving a dull knife. You can use a dull knife to gently scrape the surface of the dried bloodstain to remove the flakes of blood on the top so that you can have an easier time getting rid of the entire stain.

Ammonia & Shampoo Sprays

When you’ve scraped off the top layer of blood from the carpet, you can use ammonia and detergent to start the removal process. We recommend that you begin with detergent because ammonia is potent and can damage wool and silk fabrics. You should also wear a mask and gloves to protect yourself from the toxic fumes of ammonia.

Mix a couple of teaspoons of shampoo or dish soap and water into a spray bottle and spray the bloodstained area. Leave the mixture to soak into the stain for around 5 minutes. While you’re waiting, fill a separate spray bottle with one tablespoon of ammonia and water.

Be sure that the solution has been properly mixed and use a dry cloth to blot the damp area before spraying the ammonia mixture onto it. When the bloodstain has been blotted, spray the ammonia solution onto the area and let it absorb for 5 minutes.

Blot the area again with a dry cloth to soak up the bloodstain. You can then rinse the area by spraying water and blotting it dry.

Should You Use Enzyme Cleaners?

You may have come across the method of using enzyme cleaners to remove blood stains from carpets. It’s a natural method that can break down blood to make it easier to get rid of. 

They can be an effective way to remove blood stains however, they can also cause damage to wool and silk carpets. While they can break down the bloodstain, the enzymes can also cause the fibers in your carpet to be damaged as well.

Therefore, if you are going to use enzyme cleaners, be sure to carefully follow the instructions so that you don’t ruin your carpet. Using vinegar to remove stains from your carpet can also be a simple and effective home remedy, if done correctly.


Bloodstains on a carpet can cause us to panic and try a range of different methods to try and remove it. In the process, we can easily end up causing more damage to our carpets. However, by using the tips mentioned in our post, you can remove blood stains from your carpet, whether they be fresh or dried.

The key is to avoid rubbing a bloodstain because it causes the blood to spread even more. Blotting the area and using cold water are the staples to ensuring that you can remove blood stains from your carpet and prevent permanent damages.

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