The best-rated stick vacuums allow you to have an easy time cleaning your home thoroughly. There are different types of stick vacuums that can be great for tile floors, hardwood floors, and carpets. In addition to this, you can find fantastic stick vacuums for cleaning dog hair and larger pieces of debris.

In our review below, you can find some of the top stick vacuums available on Amazon. A buyer’s guide is also available to provide you with more details to feel more certain about the features that these vacuums have to offer.

Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean Vacuum – Best Stick Vacuum

The Shark Rocket HV382 is one of the best stick vacuum cleaners due to how its cleaning capabilities are so versatile. There are powerful suction features that work to provide thick carpets with a deep clean.

Review Highlights:

  • Cleans all types of floors
  • Soft brushrolls for collecting dust

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Shark Rocket

You can use the vacuum on hard floors to clean them without causing any scratches. This is a result of the soft brush rolls. These brush rolls also work effectively to pick up dust and leave your floors looking polished.

Users have been liking how they’re able to use the vacuum to move high piles of dirt, regardless of the surface. This is great for putting the pile of dirt into one area for you to pick up afterward.

We liked how there’s no front piece to this vacuum. This is because it enables the machine to pick up larger pieces of debris instead of just pushing it around.

Furthermore, some controls let you easily switch the cleaning modes to make the vacuum more suitable for hard floors and carpets. Not to mention, an LED light has been fitted to ensure you’re able to see debris more clearly.

  • Soft brush rolls that pick up dust
  • Can clean large debris
  • Great for all floor types
  • Easy to use controls
  • Edge cleaning features are lacking
  • A little heavier than some would prefer

ONSON Cleaner – Best Cordless Stick Vacuum

ONSON’s stick vacuum is among the best rated cordless options that are available. We liked how it comes with a flexible head design that can spin up to 180-degree. Therefore, you can have an easy time cleaning all areas of your home.

Review Highlights:

  • Flexible head
  • Quiet motor

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Cordless Vacuum, ONSON Stick Vacuum Cleaner, 12KPa Powerful Cleaning Lightweight Handheld Vacuum with Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
ONSON Cleaner

You’re provided with 2 brush heads. One of them is meant for carpets and the other is for hard floors. It’s an excellent feature that makes the vacuum more effective for cleaning carpets and hard floors properly.

Users have been impressed with how quiet this vacuum cleaner is. Moreover, you’re able to easily dispose of waste in the dustbin by using the simple one-click release button.

The filter that has been fitted can be removed and washed before being put back inside the vacuum. This enables you to maintain the filter to ensure the vacuum remains effective at cleaning.

To make sure you’re able to see all of the debris on the floor, an LED light has been implemented. Using the vacuum is also easier due to how it weighs just 4.85 lbs.

  • Flexible head
  • Quiet operation
  • Washable filter
  • LED light included
  • Add-ons don’t feel secure
  • Some were disappointed with the battery life

MOOSOO Cleaner – Best Corded Stick Vacuum

With 17Kpa of suction power available, you’re able to clean your floors thoroughly. This suction power is combined with a 4-stage filtration system due to the HEPA filter that’s available.

Review Highlights:

  • 4-stage HEPA filter
  • 23 feet long power cord

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MOOSOO Cleaner

This filter works to pick up smaller particles so that you’re able to clean your home properly. The filter can also be removed and washed to ensure it remains durable.

We liked how the power cord available is a total of 23 feet, considering how it’s a cheap option. This provides you with plenty of lengths to clean your rooms freely. In addition to this, they’ve created the tube of the vacuum with an extendable feature. This lets you extend the length of the vacuum from 18 to 30” which enables you to have more reach.

People have been liking how this inexpensive vacuum also comes with a handheld vacuum. This can be useful when it comes to cleaning your car and places in your home that are higher up.

  • Powerful suction power
  • 4-stage HEPA filtration system
  • Long power cord & extendable tube
  • Handheld vacuum available
  • Can be prone to overheating
  • Head could be more flexible

Bissell 81L2W – Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Bissells 81L2W is one of the best affordable cordless stick vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors because of how it comes with a V-Shaped head design. As a result, you’re able to have an easier time maneuvering the vacuum on hardwood floors.

Review Highlights:

  • V-shaped head design
  • Soft bumper & wheels

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Bissell 81L2W

It also means you can steer the vacuum around the furniture to avoid damages and achieve a complete clean. Users have also been finding that the V-Shape design makes it easier to clean both large and small debris from hardwood floors.

The vacuum has been made with a fairly lightweight design of 7.5 lbs. This ensures that vacuuming your home is less of a physical strain.

Furthermore, a bagless system has been implemented in the vacuum. This makes it simpler to dispose of waste directly into the trash.

The wheels and bumper have been made with soft materials which are great for preventing your hardwood floor from being scratched. It also ensures that your furniture can be protected from damages.

  • V-Shape design cleans large & small debris
  • Lightweight design
  • Soft wheels & bumper
  • Doesn’t reach edges as well
  • Dustbin requires frequent emptying

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal – Best Dyson Stick Vacuum

Dyson’s Cyclone V10 Animal provides you with up to 60 minutes of continuous power when there are no tools attached. When you’re using the soft roller suction head, you’re able to use the vacuum for up to 40 minutes.

Review Highlights:

  • 3 suction modes
  • Transforms into a handheld vacuum

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dyson cyclone v10 animal
Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal

Three power modes are available which provide you with various cleaning options for different situations. These power modes can be used in combination with the different heads that are included.

The torque drive cleaner head is incredibly powerful and effective at removing dirt from carpets. You’re also able to use the soft roller head which is more suitable for hard floors. It has been made with nylon materials that are softer and prevent scratches, while also picking up large debris.

The stick vacuum can be transformed into a handheld vacuum easily. This handheld vacuum provides you with the power of a full-sized vacuum which is great for thoroughly cleaning the inside of cars and areas in your home that is more difficult to reach.

  • Cleaner heads for hard floors & carpets included
  • Can be turned into a handheld vacuum
  • 3 suction modes available
  • No backup battery included
  • Doesn’t stand up on its own

Dyson Motorhead V7 – Best Stick Vacuum for Carpet

The V7 model by Dyson is cordless which makes it super convenient to use in different rooms around your home. You’re also provided with up to 30 minutes of power after the vacuum has been fully charged.

Review Highlights:

  • Low profile vacuum heads
  • Charging docking station

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Dyson Motorhead V7

Users have been liking how they can turn the full-sized vacuum into a handheld vacuum. The handheld vacuum is great for cleaning areas that are harder to reach. You can also use it to clean the interior of your car with less hassle.

The design of the heads available with this vacuum has been made with a low profile. This is fantastic for ensuring that you’re able to clean under furniture easily.

To ensure that you’re able to clean your home thoroughly, there are 2 levels of radial cyclones available. These are fantastic for boosting airflow so that the vacuum can suck up smaller dust particles.

A docking station is available as well. This is a convenient way to store the machine and any attachments. The docking station also charges the vacuum.

  • Can be turned into a handheld vacuum
  • Docking station for storage & charging
  • Low profile vacuum heads
  • Powerful radial cyclone technology
  • No battery cutout warning
  • Some find the button design tricky to use

Shark Rocket HV302 – Best Shark Stick Vacuum

Shark’s Rocket HV302 has been made with a lightweight design as it weighs 8 lbs. Therefore, you’re able to have an easy time vacuuming your home. We liked how it can also be converted into a handheld vacuum. It’s handy for cleaning stairs and other areas that are difficult to access with a full-sized vacuum.

Review Highlights:

  • Simple controls
  • Swivel head

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Shark Rocket HV302

Users love how the fingertip controls are responsive and easy to use. The design of the controls let you switch between carpet and hard floor modes effortlessly.

When cleaning hard floors or carpets, you can take advantage of the swivel steering function. It provides you with lots of control over how you maneuver the vacuum to avoid bumping into furniture.

A wall mount is included which enables you to easily keep the handheld vacuum stored on your wall. Alternatively, you can attach the handheld vacuum to the bottom of the main wand of the full-sized vacuum.

  • Converts into a handheld vacuum
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Swivel head
  • Cord management system could be improved
  • Pet hair can clog the vacuum

Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A – Best Stick Vacuum for Pet Hair on Hardwood Floors

With a V-shaped foot design, you’re able to use this vacuum to clean pet hairs on hardwood floors more effectively. It lets you avoid furniture and pick up the pet hair around it. Furthermore, we liked how the V-shaped design lets you reach corners where pet hair can be prone to gathering.

Review Highlights:

  • V-shaped foot design
  • Squeegees for cleaning pet hair

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Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A
Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A

Rubber squeegees have been fitted to the vacuum as well. This squeegee system works effectively to gather pat hair from hardwood surfaces.

People have been loving how the vacuum can pick up larger debris as well. This is handy for picking up pet litter, larger hairs, and other large pieces of debris on your hardwood floors.

With a swivel steering feature, you can be sure to have an easy time maneuvering the vacuum around. In addition to this, they’ve designed the vacuum with a lightweight design at 7.5 lbs which makes it even easier to use.

The bagless design means that you’re able to empty waste into the trash easily and prevent any of it from spilling out.

  • Rubber squeegees for picking up pet hair
  • Easy-to-use swivel steering
  • Bagless design
  • Wheels aren’t durable

VonHaus 2-in-1 – Best HEPA Stick Vacuum

The HEPA filtration system available with this VonHaus vacuum makes it incredibly effective at giving your home a thorough clean. This HEPA filter works to collect smaller particles that regular vacuums aren’t able to suck up. As a result, you can prevent tiny dust particles from being airborne.

Review Highlights:

  • HEPA filtration system
  • Long power cord

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VonHaus 2-in-1

You can transform the full-sized vacuum into a handheld one by simply pressing a button. This makes it easier to clean higher surfaces, stairs, and the inside of cars.

We were impressed with how the power cord is a total of 6 meters in length. This provides you with plenty of lengths to clean your rooms without any hassle.

Furthermore, the bagless system makes it easy to dump the collected waste straight into the trash. The bagless bin has a capacity of 1.3 liters, which is plenty to let you gather up lots of dirt to avoid having to empty it out too often.

A range of attachments has also been included which can make the vacuum handy for cleaning different surfaces. The attachments include a small brush, hose adaptor, crevice tool, and a shoulder strap.

  • Effective HEPA filtration system
  • Converts into a handheld vacuum
  • Long 6-meter cord
  • Some would prefer the vacuum head to be larger

Eureka NES210 Blaze – Best Lightweight Corded Stick Vacuum

At just 4 lbs in weight, the Eureka NES210 is one of the top lightweight corded stick vacuums available. The lightweight design enables you to clean your entire home with less physical effort. Furthermore, the cord that’s included is a total of 18 feet. Therefore, you have plenty of cord length to clean the different rooms in your home.

Review Highlights:

  • Lightweight at 4 lbs
  • Swivel head function

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Eureka NES210 Blaze

You’re able to turn the full-sized vacuum into a handheld vacuum too. This lets you clean stairs, the interior of cars, and other places that are difficult to reach.

We were impressed with the nozzle design included with this vacuum. It’s effective at picking up larger pieces of debris. The 2 amp motor is also effective at ensuring you’re able to vacuum smaller particles from your floors, such as pollen and dust.

You can keep the filtration system durable due to how it can be removed, washed, and placed back inside the vacuum.

In addition to this, there’s a flexible swivel steering function available as well. Therefore, maneuvering the vacuum around furniture is easier.

  • Weighs 4 lbs
  • Can turn into a handheld vacuum
  • Swivel steering feature
  • No carpet brush included

Spotless Mag Verdict

The Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean is our number one pick because of how easy it is to use on all floor types. There’s plenty of suction power and soft brush rolls to collect both large debris and smaller particles.

Having said that, we also recommend that you consider the other vacuum cleaners in our review. They have some highly beneficial features that can make it easier to give your home a thorough cleaning.

Stick Vacuums Buyer’s Guide


Some stick vacuums come with LED lights that have been fitted to the head. These lights can make it easier for you to see the smaller pieces of debris on your floor. As a result, you’re able to find more dirt to clean up than before.


There are some great stick vacuums that come with sensory technology. These vacuums provide the vacuum with a way of knowing the type of floor that it’s on. Therefore, it’s able to switch modes and make adjustments to the power.

It can be a handy way to save on battery life if you’re using a cordless stick vacuum. Other vacuums will come with buttons that make it easy to change power levels and modes and they can also be simple to use.

Battery level indicators can also be useful when it comes to using cordless stick vacuums. They provide you with information on how much battery you have left so that you know how much power is left to continue vacuuming your home.


The weight of your stick vacuum is an incredibly important factor to think about. We’ve included some awesome lightweight options throughout our review.

Vacuuming your home with a lightweight machine enables you to save on exerting a lot of energy trying to lug around a heavier vacuum. Lightweight vacuums allow you to pick your vacuum up and down the stairs without as much hassle.

Handheld Features

Many stick vacuums nowadays come with a handheld vacuum. Sometimes the handheld vacuums are available as a separate accessory to the full-sized vacuum. Other times, you’re able to convert the full-sized vacuum into a handheld size.

This can be very useful when it comes to cleaning places that a full-sized vacuum can’t reach, such as stairs, higher up places, and the inside of cars.

Stick Vacuum Use Tips

  • If you’re interested in using a corded stick vacuum, we recommend that you select one with a long cord. This is to make sure that you’re able to plug it into one outlet and be able to vacuum an entire room or even multiple rooms. It can save you the hassle of having to unplug and plug the vacuum back in too many times in different rooms. 
  • If you’re replacing your old vacuum with a stick one, be sure that it comes with everything you need to properly clean your house. Different nozzles and brushes are critical for being able to use your vacuum to its full abilities. You may have to find the compatible accessories separately.

Stick Vacuums Frequently Asked Questions

Should you use bagless or bagged stick vacuums?

There are some vacuums that come with bags that collect the debris that you’ve vacuumed. Some people find that the vacuums with bags allow them to get rid of the dirt inside without having to touch it.

Bagless systems are also available that can lead to debris falling out easier when you’re emptying it into the trash. However, it can be more convenient as you don’t have to make sure to stay topped up on bags.

Many people opt for the bagless vacuums as they’re easier to empty. Having said that, if you wanted to avoid any dirt and debris falling out, the bagged vacuums may be better.

Do you need attachments with stick vacuums?

Replacing your standard vacuum with a stick one would mean that you’ll need accessories. These accessories include items like crevice tools and various brushes.

This will ensure that you’re able to use your stick vacuum to clean your home just as well as your previous regular vacuum.

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