Best Commercial HEPA Vacuum 2020 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

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When it comes to completing larger cleaning jobs in commercial environments, there are specific features within a vacuum that can make the entire process a lot easier. Our review below includes some of the best bagged and bagless HEPA commercial vacuums for you to consider.

What is a HEPA vacuum?

HEPA vacuums include special filters that are made to capture tiny pollutant particles, such as pollen, dust pet hair, dander, mold, and more. There are true HEPA vacuums that are the most effective kind and can target up to 99.97% of pollutant particles that are as small as 0.3 microns.

However, you can also find vacuums that come with HEPA filters. These filters are still great for sucking up microscopic dirt particles, but they don’t have the same success rate as true HEPA vacuums.

To feel more confident about the commercial HEPA vacuum that’s right for you, check out our review below.

Hoover Commercial Backpack Vacuum


We were impressed with how Hoover’s commercial backpack vacuum weighs just 10 lbs as it’s a lot easier to carry around. Users have also mentioned how the lightweight design allows them to have more mobility while vacuuming.

Another feature that makes this vacuum easier to use is the harness system. It has been designed by chiropractors to make sure that you can carry the vacuum on your back with less physical strain.

You can also be sure to clean areas without causing too much noise pollution. This is a result of the quiet system that lets you complete your cleaning jobs while avoiding causing a disturbance.

A HEPA media filtration system has been implemented which enables the vacuum to capture smaller dirt particles. The cartridge filter system is also great for allowing the vacuum to have a more consistent airflow to be constantly sucking up dirt.

The power cord is a total of 48” in length which means that you’re provided with plenty of freedom to vacuum large spaces without feeling restricted. Not to mention, a dusting brush, upholstery tool, turbo floor tool, and crevice tool accessories are included to help you complete cleaning jobs more thoroughly.

  • HEPA media filtration
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable harness
  • Attachments can become loose when connected to the vacuum
  • Some were hoping the manual would contain more helpful instructions
  • Doesn’t work as well to vacuum carpets

ProTeam Commercial Backpack HEPA Vacuum


ProTeam’s Commercial Backpack HEPA Vacuum is available in a range of bundle options. You can purchase it with a 2-piece wand, power nozzle kit, or a telescoping kit, as well as the option to choose between business and residential kits.

The vacuum features a 4-stage filtration system that includes a HEPA filter that’s effective at capturing 99.67% of smaller dirt particles that are as small as 1 micron. These pollutant particles include dust, pollen, pet dander, dead skin cells, mold, and bacteria.

There are plenty of accessories that are compatible with this vacuum that enables you to complete a deep clean. You can use attachments for cleaning hardwood floors, carpets, upholstery, and ceilings.

Users have been happy to discover that the harness system available with this vacuum is super comfortable. This is because they’ve designed it with adjustable features so that you can tailor it to your body.

Furthermore, the vacuum only weighs 11 lbs. As a result, you can have an easy time carrying it around for longer periods when it comes to larger cleaning jobs without putting as much physical strain on yourself.

  • Lightweight design
  • 4-stage HEPA filtration
  • Adjustable harness
  • Hose connection could be more durable
  • Accessories don’t connect as tightly as some would prefer
  • Some accessories aren’t durable

Fein Turbo II HEPA Vacuum


The Fein Turbo II HEPA Vacuum comes with a power cord that’s 18” in length along with a hose that’s 13” long. Therefore, you’re provided with plenty of reaches to clean rooms without being restricted to a power outlet.

Users have been liking how the hose is long as it allows them to have more reach when it comes to vacuuming under furniture and places that are higher up. The wheels also have a 360-degree spinning motion that lets you easily spin the vacuum around to have better maneuverability.

With the HEPA filtration system, you can be sure to capture more pollutant particles that are smaller to clean the area more thoroughly. These pollutant particles include dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold.

 You can also choose to vacuum using the wet or dry floor nozzle. Using the wet mode is best for achieving a deep clean on carpets as it dislodges dirt that has become stuck.

  • Long power cord
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Wet or dry cleaning modes available
  • Some find the hose feels slightly stiff
  • Locks on the wheels could be more durable
  • Dustbin capacity is a little small

ProTeam ProForce 1500XP


The ProForce 1500XP vacuum by ProTeam features a dual-motor function that provides you with plenty of suction power that remains constant. This suction power combined with the 4-stage filtration system enables you to achieve a thorough clean.

We like how a HEPA media filter has been included in the filtration system as it’s great for capturing smaller pollutant particles that the other filters aren’t capable of picking up.

Users have been liking how they can use this vacuum to clean hardwood floors and carpets with ease. This is a result of the hose that’s included as it’s super flexible. Therefore, you can be sure to reach more difficult areas, such as under furniture.

With the large wheels that have been fitted to the bottom of this vacuum, you’re able to easily maneuver it around different surfaces. This makes it easier to vacuum larger areas where there are different surface types.

In addition to this, the available power cord is 50 feet long which provides you with lots of reach to vacuum areas without having to constantly unplug and plug the vacuum back into power sockets.

  • Dual motor system
  • 4-stage filtration
  • Long power cord
  • Carry handle is a little tricky to use
  • Heavier than some were expecting
  • Dustbin bags are small

The tank available with this commercial vacuum has been made with high-quality stainless steel materials. Therefore, you can feel confident in knowing that it’s incredibly durable and can resist wear and tear.

We also liked how you can store this vacuum away more conveniently as the accessories and main hose can be organized. This lets you save space and have an easier time keeping the vacuum stored away.

There are also wheels available on the bottom of the vacuum that is awesome for allowing you to easily maneuver it around. Furthermore, you’re provided with a total cleaning reach of 27 feet as the hose is 7 feet and the power cord is 20 feet in length. This means you can effectively vacuum rooms without the inconvenience of having to unplug the vacuum.

A Vacmaster HEPA material fine dust cartridge filter is available as well. This is effective at collecting more dust particles that are microscopic.

  • Durable tank
  • Space-saving design
  • HEPA material fine dust cartridge filter
  • Strong air is released from the sides
  • The motor can produce an odor
  • Dustbin capacity could be larger

Atrix VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum


If you were interested in a commercial vacuum backpack that’s comfortable to wear, you’ll be glad to hear that this option by Atrix has been made with an ergonomic design. You can wear the vacuum in a way that makes it comfortable to vacuum with either your right or left hand.

Moreover, the vacuum only weighs 10.3 lbs. Therefore, it feels lightweight and comfortable to wear for completing larger cleaning jobs. We also liked how there’s a belt loop that enables you to hold all of the accessories to make it more convenient to switch cleaning tools mid-job.

The accessories that are available include an extension and, 3 blower nozzles, a crevice tool, furniture nozzle, floor brush, round brush, and a turbo brush. So, you have a variety of accessories to choose from to complete your cleaning jobs properly.

The HEPA filter that has been fitted is superb at targeting finer dirt particles to clean areas more thoroughly. In addition to this, the vacuum is incredibly powerful with 1400 watts of power available.

  • Lightweight design
  • Effective HEPA filter
  • Range of accessories available
  • The standard power cord is a little short
  • The vacuum can be prone to overheating
  • Hose connection could be stronger


Now that you know more about what some of the best commercial HEPA vacuums have to offer, you can be sure to pick the one that stands out to you as being the best. Our reviews include a variety of different options for you to choose from so that you can make the best decision possible.

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