Best Backpack Vacuum (Commercial & Home Use Reviews 2020)

Are you interested in learning more about how you can cut cleaning times in half, nip shoulder and arm fatigue in the bud, and do away with the ninja turtle-matrix style combo method of cleaning? 

Backpack vacuuming is the go-to solution if you’ve got heavy-duty cleaning needs for large spaces or an industrial-grade commercial area where you deal with tight spaces, stairs, ceilings, and a massive area.

But then, there are several backpack vacuums. You’d have to research numerous products, features, and customer ratings before you find what’s best for you. Well, you don’t have to fret about that. We’ve done all the heavy-lifting so you wouldn’t have to do it yourself.


First, we looked at all the factors you’d contemplate when purchasing a backpack vacuum cleaner:

  • Is it easy to use? 
  • Is it lightweight or heavy? 
  • Are the vacuum’s tools efficient? 
  • Does the backpack vacuum have great suction? 
  • Is it affordable, or if expensive, is it worth the money?

Using these criteria as a standard, we analyzed hundreds of products and read thousands of backpack vacuum reviews on Amazon. We examined different kinds of backpack vacuums – cordless and corded, commercial and residential, bagged and bagless.

After doing extensive research for you, we’ve come up with the five best backpack vacuums.

Proteam Super Coachvac Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Proteam Super Coachvac is arguably one of the most powerful commercial backpack vacuums.


With its 7-piece commercial toolkit, Super Coachvac handles broad surface areas efficiently. This vacuum cleaner’s 10-quart canister capacity ensures it holds a considerable quantity of dust. Its 50-foot power cord lets you cover an extensive area without disconnecting from the power sockets.

The Proteam Super Coachvac’s adaptability enables it to clean different floor types, including wood, tiles, and carpet. Ideal for office and home use, it’s almost noiseless with a sound output of about 66 dBa.

You can attach a variety of tools to the Super Coachvac vacuum flex hose. The multi-surface cleaning tool, upholstery, telescoping wand, soft dusting brush, and crevice tools are some of them. Its numerous tools make this backpack vacuum versatile and time-saving.

  • Saves time
  • Great suction power
  • Large 10-quart canister capacity
  • Multi-surface cleaning, including hardwood floors
  • Extra-long 50-foot power cord enables it clean a large surface area
  • A bit pricey for the residential market
  • Not very maneuverable in tight spaces
  • The telescoping wand doesn’t attach well to accessories
  • Not suitable for delicate floors

Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

When it comes to light-weight and design, Hoover backpack vacuum stands out. The design of this compact light-weight backpack vacuum is primarily for home use. It’s comfortable and safe for your shoulders, back, and posture.


The cleaning device offers powerful suction and with only 9.2 pounds-weight. This impressive light-weight makes for easy maneuvering and wider reach without hassles.

Again, its ergonomic design helps boost productivity and reduce strain. The Hoover commercial backpack vacuum design comes with a noise-proof technology to make your whole cleaning process an enjoyable noiseless experience.

Another exciting feature is its dust level indicator, which helps monitor dust levels.

The backpack unit comes packed with many accessories like the 6-inch crevice tool, 11-inch turbo floor tool, 2-inch dust brush, and the 4-inch upholstery tool.

  • Remarkably Light-weight
  • Big dust container
  • Compact size
  • A long cord that’s far-reaching
  • Short traps
  • Quickly gets warm during usage
  • Inadequate information in the product manual

Atrix Vacbp1 Hepa Backpack Vacuum

Here’s a budget cleaning solution for wide-ranged surfaces. Despite its affordability, this Atrix product holds an incredible suction power, comfort, and excellent filtration – all in a compact design. Even more, it’s under 10-pound weight makes it all the more desirable.


Typically, the design of the Atrix Hepa vacuum is for both commercial and residential cleaning needs, including homes, offices, classrooms, and industrial sites.

The backpack vacuum unit comes with a top-notch filtration mechanism and a HEPA filter bag.  If you so wish, you may even convert it to a blower.

Indeed, this unit packs a truckload of functionalities and features that make cleaning a cakewalk.

Its HEPA filtration technology makes it a good recommendation for pet owners. The manufacturer claims the unit picks up to 99.9% particles, plus pet fur.

The 10.3lbs unit spots a belt loop for accessory storage. Its sturdy waist belt promotes even weight distribution to prevent strains during operation.

  • Durability
  • Comfortable design
  • HEPA filter bag
  • Wide turbo
  • Comparatively less powered
  • No disposable dust bag

ProTeam ProVac FS6 Commercial Backpack Vacuum

 If you seek a backpack vacuum for tough industrial-grade messes, the ProTeam ProVac FS6 is your best bet. The unit comes loaded with accessories that make cleaning a breeze through.


This vacuum is ideal for hard floors, tables, and chairs.

Its 50-feet-long power cord assures efficient cleaning of large spaces even without unplugging.

The 4-stage filtration technology and the HEPA filtration system do not only guarantee a good clean but also help improve health quality.

The system promises to pick up to 99.97% of particles —from foods and allergens to smaller debris as low as 0.3 microns in size.

It’s a good buy for restaurants, nightclubs, school cafeterias, hotels, bars, and kitchens.

  • 50-foot-long card
  • Many accessories for individual surfaces.
  • Light-weight
  • Noise proof
  • Somewhat overpriced

Powr-Flite Comfort Pro BP6S

Powr-Flite, with over 30 years in the cleaning industry, has become a time-tested and trust producer of commercial cleaning products.


For quality assurance, these units are assembled and tested in the United States. They tick the reliability, productivity, safety, and comfort boxes.

Its seven adjustment options and a long list of accessories offer users an opportunity to create a unique cleaning experience.

Even more, the device has a five-stage filtration technology — HEPA filter bad, pre- and post-motor filter, exhaust bad, and SMS shake-out bad.

The Comfort Pro received Carpet and Rug Institute’s Gold Certification award, a feat that gives it an edge over competitors.

  • Certified clean results
  • Industry-standard tools for ease and flexibility
  • Effortlessly efficient
  • LEED standard
  • Productive and comfortable
  • Relatively expensive

Buyer’s Guide for Backpack Vacuums 

Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Backpack Vacuum

You’ll want to buy the right backpack vacuum from the get-go. So, go for one that gets the job done, meets all your needs, and saves you lots of hassles.

While there are hundreds of options in the market, only a few can satisfactorily meet your needs. So, before you purchase that backpack vacuum, consider the following factors:

Type of flooring

Most backpack vacuums are suitable for certain floor types. Only a few are versatile enough to clean multiple floor types. Depending on your floor type, you’ll want to purchase the perfect backpack machine for you.


Vacuums have a wide range of prices. However, you’ve got to consider your budget and whether it’s a suitable backpack machine for home use.

Getting an expensive vacuum doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got the right fit. You might spend lots of money on a product that’s not suitable for your floor. On the other hand, a cheap backpack vacuum might need replacement within a short period.

Examine the various features of the machine. Pick a few products that have the features you need. Then, buy the most affordable within that group.


If your backpack vacuum is easy to use, you’ll enjoy cleaning your home or office with it. If it’s not, you won’t get full value for your money.

Here are a few things to consider when checking for ease-of-use. 

  • Weight: A heavy machine becomes uncomfortable to use within a short period. Pick a lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner to protect your back and help you clean for a longer time.
  • Harness comfortability: Make sure the harness over your shoulder and waist is comfortable. Pick an ergonomically-designed padded harness to increase productivity.
  • Accessories: Backpack vacuums come with lots of tools and accessories. It can be quite cumbersome when these tools don’t function properly while vacuuming. Before your purchase, examine customer reviews of accessories functionality during usage. Then, pick the best out of the lot. 

Noise level 

A noisy machine can cause fatigue, stress, and irritability. Pick a vacuum with a 70-dBa sound output or less. 

Filtration system

If you’ve got allergies or asthma, this factor is essential. A backpack vacuum with multiple stages of air filtration ensures that most of the impurities are captured. A HEPA filter can remove 99.97 percent of allergens and impurities.

SpotlessMag’s Verdict

After conducting extensive research on the best backpack vacuum cleaners for 2020, we discovered that Proteam Super Coachvac Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most powerful backpack vacuum cleaners for 2020.

It’s an all-round backpack vacuum that cleans multiple surfaces. This product is almost soundless, is easy to use, and has excellent suction power. Besides, it’s got a vast commercial toolkit. It can also clean a large area in one motion with its extra-long power cord and sizeable canister capacity. 

Even though the price is on the high side, it’s not the most expensive vacuum cleaner out there. With its numerous features, we believe that Proteam Super Coachvac gives you the best value for your money.

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